Should You Replace or Repair Your Concrete Driveway During Winter?

Indeed, wintertime can offer aesthetic snowy scenery. But this beautiful winter comes with hazards as well. This could be particularly true in terms of your concrete driveway. Though it’s made to be extremely durable, it could undergo wear and tear by taking in slush, snow, sleet, and ice for a long time. And for those who live under extreme winter season, ice could be extremely harsh. Once you encounter the option whether to replace or repair your driveway after an extreme wind storm, you have to know the signs below to learn what steps should you make next: 

Look out for damage indicators 

You really need to know first what a damaged driveway really looks like for you to efficiently determine how severely damaged your concrete driveway is. The most apparent warning indicators would be cracks, which are either small or large, that run across your driveway’s surface. These cracks could possibly deepen and expand if you have utilized chemicals before to melt off the snow on your driveway. It could also deepen once the stuck snow will freeze and melts over again, causing its cracks to widen even more. Metal snow shovels are also one of the things that can greatly damage your driveway. 

Examine the damage 

It’s vital to keep in mind that every case varies and must be resolved differently. But, there’s a fundamental rule of thumb to adhere to. Divots or cracks with more than 2 inches deep should better be replaced. As other minimal flaws can be resolved with a resurfacing. Moreover, you’ll have to consider the age of your driveway since it could determine how prone it is to damage. Meaning, age must be considered all the time as you assess the damages done from the winter season. If your driveway is new, yet it starts to crack already, then it probably wasn’t properly repaired or installed. 

To replace or repair? 

In conclusion, it could be hard to determine whether you should consider resurfacing your concrete or to replace everything. Though there are fundamental guidelines and signs for you to consider, it would be much better to get a trusted and experienced opinion regarding the matter with the help of the concrete experts near you. 

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