How to Detect If Your Swimming Pool has Leaked?

Though a leak isn’t the most typical issue when it comes to swimming pools, it’s one of the hardest and scariest issues to overcome. A swimming pool or spa leak could occur due to a lot of reasons and others are more challenging to fix compared to some. But, the initial step to fix a leak in your swimming pool is just to verify that the pool is actually leaking. It might sound easy, but it could be more difficult than you imagine. Even a pool that’s in great condition might also encounter water level shifts according to splash-out or evaporation. Moreover, leaks could extremely be gradual. Hence, you might never notice any changes, if there’s any. However, neglecting to take action to leaks could result in further damage to your spa or pool and increased energy consumption. 

Determining a leaking swimming pool 

In several cases, the initial sign that your swimming pool is leaking is the rapid change in the water level of your spa or pool. In this situation, it is quite obvious that something is not right. Though sometimes, the change might be slow and difficult to notice. Because of this, it is essential to incorporate some strategies of leak detection as you maintain your pool regularly. 

The simplest means of determining pool leaks would be to regularly check the water level. In several jurisdictions, commercial pools are needed to contain water-level gauges.  

Once you observe a changing water level, walk all over your pool and slowly check whether there are visible cracks. Moreover, observe all the pipes and fittings that are visible to determine whether any water goes out.  

One of the signs of leaking is if you find a patch of grass around your pool that’s greener compared to other grasses that surround it. This means that these patches are overly fertile. To put it simply, the underground leak provides additional water for this part of the grasses above.  

Monitor your swimming pool for leaks regularly 

At least every once a week for 2-3 sessions of maintenance, take a walk around all the pool equipment that’s exposed. Take a look around all the pipes, your heater, and around your pump. You can also ask for the assistance of a certified pool cleaner for efficient maintenance.  

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